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Why We are Here

The forum serves as a community support and knowledge base for people building or running curated web directories as a means to navigate the Web.

In a way this about a "guerrilla web discovery" movement, recognizing that, in English, we have become dependent upon two proprietary silo search engines: Google and Bing and that back in the day we surfed the Web and discovered new websites through hyperlinks and the recommendations of our peer webmasters.  We need to bring some of that back.


  • Encourage the building of web directories,  linkblogs and other small web navigation aids.

    Support those building or running said directories.

    Provide a community where ideas can be discussed.

    Build a knowledge base on the topics listed above so newcomers can learn.

I started this forum because I think more people will consider making their own web directories if they know there is a community where they can find support, ask questions, find answers and knock around ideas.

What We are NOT About

We are not about building directories as part of some "get rich quick scheme".  We are not interested in link popularity or PR.