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Traffic Changes to Directory

A nice surprise over the last couple of weeks for directory.

1. A bit of an increase in unique visitors.  Nothing huge but surprising for Spring when Internet traffic often goes down.

2.  An increase in page views.  This is the nice part.  For the first year, most traffic to the directory was either bots or one page hit with very little deeper exploration of the directory.  Now, I'm seeing more and more users explore through the categories and even better, clicking out on links listed in the directory.  Indieseek is intended to be a navigation aid to the web and it's good to see it being used as such.

I would like to thank Kick Condor for the mentions he's posted on Hacker News and Reddit.  I think this has attracted a more sophisticated set of visitors and people who understand directories.  Also, those who have linked, repeatedly, to the directory, like Joe Jenett - this has lent a certain credibility. And to the many bloggers who have linked via their blogrolls and link pages.  Thanks to all of you.