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So this just appeared:

Interesting that it's open source directory software - so even if you don't like the blogs listed, you can do your own. Definitely within the purview of this forum.

Also a motivation page that sounds like the posts here in the forum:

I want to see individual directories for the web. This is why I built this site. I want people to self host their own yahoo directory containing fun websites and blog. It should be different this time. It should be open and easily transferrable (all design choices are made in that direction).

The pizza recipe at the end of each page is a nice touch.


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It has bad blogs such as slatestarcodex, so it's not exactly the best list ever. But the fact that the software is open source makes me want to check it out.


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Inspired by this, but not wanting to putz around with nodejs and npm and other trendy webshit, I decided to make a static generator for this kind of site: