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@joe jenett  @Kicks Condor FYI 

I just got a message from my web host that Indieseek has been blacklisted by their security scans.  They are vague but allude to malicious code.  I'm investigating and have a ticket in with WSN Links.

The web host, is recommending a cleanup service which is costly and doesn't say that I'll still have a functioning website after they muck about.

I'm waiting for replies, but as of right now I'm not inclined to spend huge gobs of money into this.  Not sure what my course of action will be.

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Just an fyi - The site is loading fine and Firefox doesn't show any warnings about malicious code (not that they necessarily would - not sure).

My first thoughts - Color me skeptical about a web host who provides only a vague explanation and then suggests a costly solution. If they would provide real details, you could probably resolve the issues on your own (perhaps with a little help from your friends). May that's just me.

Fingers crossed that WSN Links can be helpful - opening a ticket with them was a good way to go.

The last time my web host advised me of a security issue, they told me what the specific problem was and exactly how to resolve it and no additional cost was involved.

Good luck!

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All clear.   :)

What the host's scanner was detecting was the anti-virus sub-program built into the directory script.  Yes WSN Links has it's own anti-virus program.  I guess it's not uncommon for antivirus programs to flag each other as problems.

So all is good and I don't face the decision of having to dump hundreds of dollars into this.

@joe jenett thanks for looking the site over!

Upon questioning via a support ticket, the hosting company did specify what files they detected as problems.  They should have just specified these in the initial warning.  I just got the report of another scan by them that shows the site is clear.

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