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Linear Webring with a Directory Idea

I’ve spent the better part of two days setting up a “The Unofficial Webring”, troubleshooting as to why my browsers blocked the ring code on my Hugo blog but let it pass on my WordPress blog, researching and looking for alternatives.  All for nothing.

-- There will be No Webring Revival for the Masses.

So okay, I'm not going to build a traditional webring for members any time soon.  I'm thinking, is there another way around this?  I have a directory with categories and directories are a very versatile thing if you think about it.

My Big Plan:

What if I create a linear "ring" (of a sort)?

Most webrings generate an index page  of all ring members.  So a linear ring would be a sub-category within the directory of just participants.  Anybody adding their blog would have the option to link back to that sub-category to share traffic with other members.  It would be a sort of "ring" built around that index page I spoke of.  It isn't perfect but it might work.

Anyway that's what I'm thinking of doing.