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Indie web meta search notes.

Just in case I, or somebody else wants to make an indie web meta search engine I thought I'd list some resources.  My notes.

3. feed directory has an API.
       Personal Use - but that might be negotiated
       Credit as source
       One would have to mark results from PB as "Feed" or "RSS" since results are feeds.  Google used to do this.
4. has an API.
       Requires credit as source.
5. wiki
       I'm not totally sure about this.
6.  (has no search function, but I suppose one could spider it with permission.)

A lot depends on how said meta is set up.  If you are opening up search results on their own domains (ie. a search of would open a tab with results on  1. it's easier,  2. prior permission is not needed, 3. API not needed.  However if one was using a real metasearch script and displaying the results on the meta's site one would have to use the API's or set up a scrape with permission.

Feel free to add other likely resources.