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Local Directory: Directory of Favorite Places

Here's a different take on a local (business) directory:  make it a directory of your favorite local places.

This is a modern business directory with maps and addresses but more personal and might be a good companion to a personal blog.   While you might list your favorite businesses and dining venues, you also list places that have no commercial value that you like - and you tell people in the description why you like then.  So it could be a park, library, trail head, sport stadium, live theater, farmers market, scenic lookout etc.

If you are into local history, you can pinpoint the locations of historic interest - this is kinda cool for places where there is no historic structure left to point to yet something happened there or was there.  If you found the place due to an online article, stick the URL to that article in the appropriate space.

It's not really all that Web 1.0 but it sounds like fun to me.