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Tweaks coming but starting out basic.

Kicks Condor got me thinking (damnit!).  I don't think we can convince a lot of people to start building tiny directories without some sort of support. Hence this forum.

I hope I've got things set up right.   If you find problems with the boards let me know.

Likewise let me know if you have suggestions or see glaring omissions.

Notes to self

Consider new board just for discovery theory  ??

Pinned threads:

Resource thread:  probably with links to directory script and webmastering categories in Indieseek or a category search in Joe's Webthing.  Plus how to articles.

Re: Tweaks coming but starting out basic.

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Some of my reading in the book "We've Got Blog" touched on discovery theory - I think? There was a chapter in the book on "link hunting" and some other sections on running a filter blog (which is similar).

Here are some topics that could go under "discovery theory":

  • Link hunting: In some ways this topic involves just surfing the web from place to place - but there is some strategy too, in the way of using tools like Pinboard and smaller search engines. And initiating conversations with people, asking them what they're into.
  • Infoshaping: How do you present your link collection? This could involve tagging, a hierarchy of categories, descriptions, ranking, etc. And how much information is too much information? (Directories can become cluttered over time.)
  • Link rot: What link checkers work for you? How do you mitigate links going down?
  • Archiving: Do you do anything to mirror stuff you link to? Or to recreate it?
  • Special projects: I'm doing a "Links of the Decade" branch of for the 2010s. I think curating the directory into smaller, specialized segments can act like a temporary exhibit at a museum - seems like there is the possibility to do events (such as link contests) in association with a directory...
  • Interop: Since we're talking about lots of small directories in this niche, there is the possibility to interconnect them. Brad has started this with Indieseek Nodes directory - but I think Webmentions and syndication could be really sweet.

I think there is a lot more under this banner, but I have to take off right now. I think what would be useful is if we had a pinned "discovery theory" post under the "Directory Discussion" forum where you could compile a list of threads on these various topics. Something like that?