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Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
Last post by Brad -
And a webring is a neat way to link all your many websites together.
I'm hoping to turn it into a webring which links the i.webthings hub to others' personal blogs and projects around the web. For now, I'm just using my sites as a way to develop and test the webring. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

I love it when somebody kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. 
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
Last post by Brad -

Update 06/03/20: I had some difficulty with modifying my old scripts to do what I wanted and decided to try something else. I found a WP plugin that does work somewhat ("Draupnir Ringmanager"). It hasn't been updated in 5 years and has not been officially tested with the latest WP version but I decided to give it a try. I'm troubleshooting the Ring Management part of it but otherwise, I've got it working. Go to any of my webthings and look for "i.webthings explorer" to see it - for now, it only uses my various sites as a working example to play with as time allows. Cheers.

Joe I liked the idea of the Draupinir webring plugin when I looked at it.  The cool thing about Draupinir is almost anybody can install a WP plugin which opens up webring hosting to a mass of webmasters.  The problem was it was getting horribly old and not being maintained. 

I'm really glad you managed to bring it into working order.  Nobody else has a good webring script anymore. 

I took a look at it working on your site: Nice Clean.  And a webring is a neat way to link all your many websites together.
Traffic / Traffic Changes to Directory
Last post by Brad -
A nice surprise over the last couple of weeks for directory.

1. A bit of an increase in unique visitors.  Nothing huge but surprising for Spring when Internet traffic often goes down.

2.  An increase in page views.  This is the nice part.  For the first year, most traffic to the directory was either bots or one page hit with very little deeper exploration of the directory.  Now, I'm seeing more and more users explore through the categories and even better, clicking out on links listed in the directory.  Indieseek is intended to be a navigation aid to the web and it's good to see it being used as such.

I would like to thank Kick Condor for the mentions he's posted on Hacker News and Reddit.  I think this has attracted a more sophisticated set of visitors and people who understand directories.  Also, those who have linked, repeatedly, to the directory, like Joe Jenett - this has lent a certain credibility. And to the many bloggers who have linked via their blogrolls and link pages.  Thanks to all of you.
Discovery Theory / "Where Do Blog Post Ideas Come From?"
Last post by Kicks Condor -

Some general advice on writing about topics and combining topics together. The final sentiment is really great though.

It's important that the purpose of these social activities is not to get but to give. It's not about what your social network can do for you, it's about what you can do for your social network (and - drawing connections - you'll find this sentiment at the root of the Tao Te Ching). There are many good things, but at the heart of it, people like you more when you're helping them and giving them things, and they in turn are more likely to do things that help the community.

Society - and your success - is based on giving, not taking.