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Discovery Theory / "Where Do Blog Post Ideas Come From?"
Last post by Kicks Condor -

Some general advice on writing about topics and combining topics together. The final sentiment is really great though.

It's important that the purpose of these social activities is not to get but to give. It's not about what your social network can do for you, it's about what you can do for your social network (and - drawing connections - you'll find this sentiment at the root of the Tao Te Ching). There are many good things, but at the heart of it, people like you more when you're helping them and giving them things, and they in turn are more likely to do things that help the community.

Society - and your success - is based on giving, not taking.
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
Last post by joe jenett -
bumped into (and enjoyed) Rediscovering the Small Web at this morning:
Most websites today are built like commercial products by professionals and marketers, optimised to draw the largest audience, generate engagement and 'convert'. But there is also a smaller, less-visible web designed by regular people to simply to share their interests and hobbies with the world. A web that is unpolished, often quirky but often also fun, creative and interesting.
Some interesting history and perspective - on my todos to read it again more closely.

And Brad, I started playing with a webring like idea similar to something I did back in 2000. Since you mentioned a webring (and limitations you were experiencing), it been in the back of my mind. Looked at some of my old scripts today and something simple dawned on me (though I still need to think it through). If I get anything accomplished with it, I'll let you know...
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion /
Last post by Kicks Condor -
Another directory:

Quite elaborate, with a submission system and upvoting. Right now the maintainer is manually checking submissions to ensure that no spam/porn is posted. It will be interesting to see if this works. (Will people read and upvote each other’s blogs?)
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
Last post by Brad -
I think there is room for both webrings and directories.  And there is a valid point about users making judgments about sites from the description in a directory.  (Before there was Search Engine optimization there was directory optimization which was about submitting the best title, description and keywords for your directory listing that would 1. catch the human eye, 2. be found by directory users, 3. still conform to the directory editor's rules.  Tricky thing to do all three.)

Webrings with just a Back, Random, Forward navigation have the problem with scale.  After about 50 listings, webrings become cumbersome with just those 3 navigation points and start needing an index page.  However a webring can be very effective for linking small sites on a particular topic.

It's good to see interest continuing.