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Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
Some news from the “really sucks department.”

I've killed the webring because the plugin may have been causing issues on the server. I'm not certain about that, but I should have known better.

So - I wouldn't recommend using the plugin (even though it was fun trying it out).
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
Thanks Kicks.

The plugin actually 'works out of the box' (except the emails it generates have a big flaw). So I modified how sites are submitted - simpler and more in line with my preferences. I'll want to visit and approve the site before sending the ring code out anyway.

The plugin automatically checks member sites for the ring code which is a great feature in my mind. Who wants to hit a dead end in the ring! When I see someone's code missing, I can temporarily mark them as inactive until I see the codes been put back so people surfing the ring isn't rudely interrupted - I like that.

Modified a number of other things not mentioned above - I'll be running with it soon.....
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
bumped into (and enjoyed) Rediscovering the Small Web at this morning:
Most websites today are built like commercial products by professionals and marketers, optimised to draw the largest audience, generate engagement and 'convert'. But there is also a smaller, less-visible web designed by regular people to simply to share their interests and hobbies with the world. A web that is unpolished, often quirky but often also fun, creative and interesting.
Some interesting history and perspective - on my todos to read it again more closely.

And Brad, I started playing with a webring like idea similar to something I did back in 2000. Since you mentioned a webring (and limitations you were experiencing), it been in the back of my mind. Looked at some of my old scripts today and something simple dawned on me (though I still need to think it through). If I get anything accomplished with it, I'll let you know...

Update 06/03/20: I had some difficulty with modifying my old scripts to do what I wanted and decided to try something else. I found a WP plugin that does work somewhat ("Draupnir Ringmanager"). It hasn't been updated in 5 years and has not been officially tested with the latest WP version but I decided to give it a try. I'm troubleshooting the Ring Management part of it but otherwise, I've got it working. Go to any of my webthings and look for "i.webthings explorer" to see it - for now, it only uses my various sites as a working example to play with as time allows. Cheers.
Water Cooler / Re: Troubles
Just an fyi - The site is loading fine and Firefox doesn't show any warnings about malicious code (not that they necessarily would - not sure).

My first thoughts - Color me skeptical about a web host who provides only a vague explanation and then suggests a costly solution. If they would provide real details, you could probably resolve the issues on your own (perhaps with a little help from your friends). May that's just me.

Fingers crossed that WSN Links can be helpful - opening a ticket with them was a good way to go.

The last time my web host advised me of a security issue, they told me what the specific problem was and exactly how to resolve it and no additional cost was involved.

Good luck!
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Re: What software are you using
It works out of the box. I spent a fair amount of time with the documentation before I went for it - my challenge was to integrate it with the other existing site content. It feels good to get back to the project. I'm hoping the directory will get people off of twitter and to the site. Fun!

One thing that frustrates me is that so many small local businesses only use a Facebook page instead of having a website.  Have you encountered that and if/so are you listing the FB page or just leaving it blank?

I've listed some businesses which have no website and you won't see their social links 'cause to me, I need to see a website so I can find their social links.  ;)  Those listings get a blank grey square in the summary listings which becomes a simple grey line in their detailed listing ( I have tricks). Linked social icons are in the detailed listings under the business's url.

I'll admit I could find out the social links to businesses without websites and treat them as 'websites' but sir, I have scruples. I'm trying to bring the web to Lake Orion after all - it wouldn't seem right to me - ha!
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Re: What software are you using
Any quirks using Directories Pro?
It took some wrangling to get the navigation and usability the way I wanted but all in all, not too bad. Their documentation is pretty good and I like the configuration tools. Hating google, I went with the openstreetmaps option - works pretty well though in a few cases I had to get more precise longitude and latitude info to match an address exactly. I think there were 2 cases of that among 100+ listings. (still adding new listings daily).

One quirk worth mentioning is that entry of a business's hours is cumbersome - each day has to be entered separately using a select dropdown list. It probably needs to be like that (without bloating the app) to support the nice display feature that indicates if a business is currently open though I long for a choice in the dropdown that says, for example, 'Monday - Friday' instead of separate days only.

Another thing to be prepared for is a suite of system tools (clear cache, rebuild components, refresh taxonomy, etc.), which need to be run occasionally, especially after adding a batch of new listings.

There's some interactive bells and whistles I don't plan to use immediately so I can't comment on them just yet.

Thanks for the feedback.
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Re: What software are you using
I've been working on redesigning and expanding a local site I launched a few years ago and recently bought Directories Pro after checking out Ed's site. It's perfect for the local business directory I'm adding to the site. So thanks Ed for sharing what you use and Brad for creating the forum here. As a result, my project is moving along nicely again (as we speak).  :)
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Re: Encouraging more tiny directories
To “facilitate discovery by hyperlinking.”  I like that. Some random thoughts:

Kicks' idea of Pinboard being a directory is spot on so thanks for the nudge Brad - I also need to get better at tagging my Pinboard links (iwebthings@pinboard). Right now, the majority of my tags are organizational tools I use for tracking sites I link to from the dailywebthing and daily pointers. I definitely need to add additional descriptive tags for my Pinboard <i>directory</i> to be more useful to others. I might want to self-host a ‘main page’ to it once I get my act together on adding those tags.

I know not everyone uses (or likes) Wordpress like I do but I'll mention I recently found a plugin (Pinboard Bookmarks), which allows me to show recent Pinboard links in the sidebar at i.webthings along with a link to my Pinboard page (as a widget).

I agree with Brad about your bullet list Kicks - modern directories are everywhere. Even without categories and tags, every link list is at least a directory to sites and ideas someone likes enough to share. When I encounter a new blog I like and it has a blogroll, I see it as a tiny directory into what makes that blogger tick. Makes me want to explore and in some cases, share what I've discovered in the hopes of helping others discover new things and perhaps, share what they've found with others and so it goes. Discovering a Pinboard user with similar interests motivates me in a similar way and those tags sure come in handy in finding new things. Human curated links are more powerful than a search engine's results. At least to me they are.

So, I'm onboard with encouraging others to hyperlink and discover, or discover and hyperlink, whichever comes first. 😀