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Traffic / Traffic Changes to Directory
A nice surprise over the last couple of weeks for directory.

1. A bit of an increase in unique visitors.  Nothing huge but surprising for Spring when Internet traffic often goes down.

2.  An increase in page views.  This is the nice part.  For the first year, most traffic to the directory was either bots or one page hit with very little deeper exploration of the directory.  Now, I'm seeing more and more users explore through the categories and even better, clicking out on links listed in the directory.  Indieseek is intended to be a navigation aid to the web and it's good to see it being used as such.

I would like to thank Kick Condor for the mentions he's posted on Hacker News and Reddit.  I think this has attracted a more sophisticated set of visitors and people who understand directories.  Also, those who have linked, repeatedly, to the directory, like Joe Jenett - this has lent a certain credibility. And to the many bloggers who have linked via their blogrolls and link pages.  Thanks to all of you.
Water Cooler / Troubles
@joe jenett  @Kicks Condor FYI 

I just got a message from my web host that Indieseek has been blacklisted by their security scans.  They are vague but allude to malicious code.  I'm investigating and have a ticket in with WSN Links.

The web host, is recommending a cleanup service which is costly and doesn't say that I'll still have a functioning website after they muck about.

I'm waiting for replies, but as of right now I'm not inclined to spend huge gobs of money into this.  Not sure what my course of action will be.
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Linear Webring with a Directory Idea
I’ve spent the better part of two days setting up a “The Unofficial Webring”, troubleshooting as to why my browsers blocked the ring code on my Hugo blog but let it pass on my WordPress blog, researching and looking for alternatives.  All for nothing.

-- There will be No Webring Revival for the Masses.

So okay, I'm not going to build a traditional webring for members any time soon.  I'm thinking, is there another way around this?  I have a directory with categories and directories are a very versatile thing if you think about it.

My Big Plan:

What if I create a linear "ring" (of a sort)?

Most webrings generate an index page  of all ring members.  So a linear ring would be a sub-category within the directory of just participants.  Anybody adding their blog would have the option to link back to that sub-category to share traffic with other members.  It would be a sort of "ring" built around that index page I spoke of.  It isn't perfect but it might work.

Anyway that's what I'm thinking of doing.

Water Cooler / An Artifact from Web 1.0
I just ran across this artifact from Web 1.0

This is from before SEO had a name.  I first discovered this site before Google was around.  Promoting a website was primarily about getting it listed in as many directories and search engines as you could.  This is a later version of the site then when I first found it in the late 1990's but the text is substantially the same.  For someone like me, knowing zero about directories and search engines, reading through all that text and guide pages taught me a lot.
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Indie web meta search notes.
Just in case I, or somebody else wants to make an indie web meta search engine I thought I'd list some resources.  My notes.

3. feed directory has an API.
       Personal Use - but that might be negotiated
       Credit as source
       One would have to mark results from PB as "Feed" or "RSS" since results are feeds.  Google used to do this.
4. has an API.
       Requires credit as source.
5. wiki
       I'm not totally sure about this.
6.  (has no search function, but I suppose one could spider it with permission.)

A lot depends on how said meta is set up.  If you are opening up search results on their own domains (ie. a search of would open a tab with results on  1. it's easier,  2. prior permission is not needed, 3. API not needed.  However if one was using a real metasearch script and displaying the results on the meta's site one would have to use the API's or set up a scrape with permission.

Feel free to add other likely resources.
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / is a RSS feed reader, a blogging platform and a blog RSS feed directory.

On the reader part: 1.  you have a timeline of posts from the feeds you have subscribed to.  The whole look and feed in more like Twitter or  2. You can have more than one timeline - so this is a bit like folders.  The reader is free at least for now.

Blogging Platform:  $5 per month.  It does support webmentions.  Since I don't want to spend money for a blog, thats all I know.

RSS feed directory:  This is the exciting part.  You can add your blog's feed even if you have an outside blog.  Free, but you need to sign up for a free acct.  Adding blog feeds to the directory is not real intuitive but not hard to figure out.  Human reviewed.  Once your blog feed is in the directory it's very easy for any Pine timeline user to add your feed to their reader.  But anyone can use this directory to find feeds.

Also for you coders, Pine has an API.

Also, also they have an iOS app.
Discovery Theory / Technorati Nostalgia
This Tweet from Kevin Marks, a former engineer at Technorati is interesting:

@Kicks Condor note the reference to Pinboard!

He's right.  Technorati was built for breaking news and breaking posts (in short: the Now) back before Twitter, FB and other social networks.  It was built at a time when weblogs lead reportage of the Now.

Today, Twitter and FB deal with breaking news and commentary and we don't really need Technorati to do that.  What we need is depth.  We need a blog search engine not just for breaking news so much but something that will spider through non-commercial blogs and index all the older posts along with adding new posts, omitting all the commercial garbage that general purpose search engines like Google have to include.  (The tricky thing is you still need an algo of some sort.)

Frankly, Google and Bing could just create a Tab like they do with Videos, Photos, Maps etc. but they appear to have no interest in doing so.
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Local Directory: Directory of Favorite Places
Here's a different take on a local (business) directory:  make it a directory of your favorite local places.

This is a modern business directory with maps and addresses but more personal and might be a good companion to a personal blog.   While you might list your favorite businesses and dining venues, you also list places that have no commercial value that you like - and you tell people in the description why you like then.  So it could be a park, library, trail head, sport stadium, live theater, farmers market, scenic lookout etc.

If you are into local history, you can pinpoint the locations of historic interest - this is kinda cool for places where there is no historic structure left to point to yet something happened there or was there.  If you found the place due to an online article, stick the URL to that article in the appropriate space.

It's not really all that Web 1.0 but it sounds like fun to me.
Water Cooler / Bot Watch
So far Google and Yandex bots have found the forums here.  Googlebot has been voracious as usual Yandex much less so.

Not that I care, it's just interesting to see how fast the different bots discover a new site and the differences in their behavior.
Water Cooler / Googlebot is Fast
Googlebot is easily the most aggressive spider out there.  Yesterday I updated the navigation menu on to include a link to the forum and within 2 minutes Googlebot was hammering the forums.  It boggles the mind.
Community Announcements / Navigation
I've added links in the main navigation menu from and Hyperlinks Nodes directories to the forums here.  So as of now the forums can be found by users and bots.

I've added redirects from these forums back to the two directories (above) in the Go Back to category.  This is to ensure good navigational practices.

Users can collapse the Go Back To category to minimize clutter.

Forum members that have a directory and link to this forum via their main navigation menu can have a redirect back to their directory too.  Just let me know.  Linking to this forum is never required, I'm just extending the offer that the forums can be shared, if desired and good navigation will be provided.

Traffic / How to build traffic and users.
This is tricky because I don't want to get spammy.

I need to figure out how to increase usership of the directory.  Search engine and social network traffic goes to the blog but only 1 - 3% click deeper. 
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Resources for How to Build a Directory
First:  Some examples of what we are talking about.

Second:  Focused resources for building a directory.

Third:  The whole big list of resources.

Forth: Select Directory Building Articles