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Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
Some news from the “really sucks department.”

I've killed the webring because the plugin may have been causing issues on the server. I'm not certain about that, but I should have known better.

So - I wouldn't recommend using the plugin (even though it was fun trying it out).

Gah!  Thanks for the heads up Joe.  Joining was on my weekend to-do list. 

It's a shame that the plugin didn't work.  The general concept of a Wordpress plugin for creating/hosting webrings is a really interesting idea so with the renewed interest in webrings maybe someone will come up with a totally new plugin that works.  We can hope.
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
And a webring is a neat way to link all your many websites together.
I'm hoping to turn it into a webring which links the i.webthings hub to others' personal blogs and projects around the web. For now, I'm just using my sites as a way to develop and test the webring. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

I love it when somebody kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. 
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web

Update 06/03/20: I had some difficulty with modifying my old scripts to do what I wanted and decided to try something else. I found a WP plugin that does work somewhat ("Draupnir Ringmanager"). It hasn't been updated in 5 years and has not been officially tested with the latest WP version but I decided to give it a try. I'm troubleshooting the Ring Management part of it but otherwise, I've got it working. Go to any of my webthings and look for "i.webthings explorer" to see it - for now, it only uses my various sites as a working example to play with as time allows. Cheers.

Joe I liked the idea of the Draupinir webring plugin when I looked at it.  The cool thing about Draupinir is almost anybody can install a WP plugin which opens up webring hosting to a mass of webmasters.  The problem was it was getting horribly old and not being maintained. 

I'm really glad you managed to bring it into working order.  Nobody else has a good webring script anymore. 

I took a look at it working on your site: Nice Clean.  And a webring is a neat way to link all your many websites together.
Traffic / Traffic Changes to Directory
A nice surprise over the last couple of weeks for directory.

1. A bit of an increase in unique visitors.  Nothing huge but surprising for Spring when Internet traffic often goes down.

2.  An increase in page views.  This is the nice part.  For the first year, most traffic to the directory was either bots or one page hit with very little deeper exploration of the directory.  Now, I'm seeing more and more users explore through the categories and even better, clicking out on links listed in the directory.  Indieseek is intended to be a navigation aid to the web and it's good to see it being used as such.

I would like to thank Kick Condor for the mentions he's posted on Hacker News and Reddit.  I think this has attracted a more sophisticated set of visitors and people who understand directories.  Also, those who have linked, repeatedly, to the directory, like Joe Jenett - this has lent a certain credibility. And to the many bloggers who have linked via their blogrolls and link pages.  Thanks to all of you.
Discovery Theory / Re: Discovering the Small Web
I think there is room for both webrings and directories.  And there is a valid point about users making judgments about sites from the description in a directory.  (Before there was Search Engine optimization there was directory optimization which was about submitting the best title, description and keywords for your directory listing that would 1. catch the human eye, 2. be found by directory users, 3. still conform to the directory editor's rules.  Tricky thing to do all three.)

Webrings with just a Back, Random, Forward navigation have the problem with scale.  After about 50 listings, webrings become cumbersome with just those 3 navigation points and start needing an index page.  However a webring can be very effective for linking small sites on a particular topic.

It's good to see interest continuing.
Water Cooler / Re: Troubles
All clear.   :)

What the host's scanner was detecting was the anti-virus sub-program built into the directory script.  Yes WSN Links has it's own anti-virus program.  I guess it's not uncommon for antivirus programs to flag each other as problems.

So all is good and I don't face the decision of having to dump hundreds of dollars into this.

@joe jenett thanks for looking the site over!

Upon questioning via a support ticket, the hosting company did specify what files they detected as problems.  They should have just specified these in the initial warning.  I just got the report of another scan by them that shows the site is clear.
Water Cooler / Troubles
@joe jenett  @Kicks Condor FYI 

I just got a message from my web host that Indieseek has been blacklisted by their security scans.  They are vague but allude to malicious code.  I'm investigating and have a ticket in with WSN Links.

The web host, is recommending a cleanup service which is costly and doesn't say that I'll still have a functioning website after they muck about.

I'm waiting for replies, but as of right now I'm not inclined to spend huge gobs of money into this.  Not sure what my course of action will be.
Directory and Indieweb Search Discussion / Linear Webring with a Directory Idea
I’ve spent the better part of two days setting up a “The Unofficial Webring”, troubleshooting as to why my browsers blocked the ring code on my Hugo blog but let it pass on my WordPress blog, researching and looking for alternatives.  All for nothing.

-- There will be No Webring Revival for the Masses.

So okay, I'm not going to build a traditional webring for members any time soon.  I'm thinking, is there another way around this?  I have a directory with categories and directories are a very versatile thing if you think about it.

My Big Plan:

What if I create a linear "ring" (of a sort)?

Most webrings generate an index page  of all ring members.  So a linear ring would be a sub-category within the directory of just participants.  Anybody adding their blog would have the option to link back to that sub-category to share traffic with other members.  It would be a sort of "ring" built around that index page I spoke of.  It isn't perfect but it might work.

Anyway that's what I'm thinking of doing.

Water Cooler / An Artifact from Web 1.0
I just ran across this artifact from Web 1.0

This is from before SEO had a name.  I first discovered this site before Google was around.  Promoting a website was primarily about getting it listed in as many directories and search engines as you could.  This is a later version of the site then when I first found it in the late 1990's but the text is substantially the same.  For someone like me, knowing zero about directories and search engines, reading through all that text and guide pages taught me a lot.